Monday, September 26, 2011

Chuck Norris's BB Gun and Robots

This raygun actually had a lot of small details that most people wouldn't notice. Specifically the gauge. It's easy to think, "Oh look! A small little thermometer thingy." But I actually had to get a ladies wristwatch and take out the face. I then replaced it by a homemade gauge face and ground off the pegs where the leather straps were with an angle grinder. Can't have your trusty sidearm blowing up in your face; you need to know if it is overheating or not!
Another detailed piece that I did was the emitter at the end. While most of it is covered up by the brim on tea candle holder, I wanted to make sure the gun would be very intricate. These pulse emitters are guaranteed to give you the maximum wave frequency you need!

On the left side of the gun, I had something that I think I am going to call "exposed mechanics." I drilled multiple holes and then basically screwed in springs. I don't know how you would go about protecting your home without some good old fashioned electricity running through your emitter.  Also noted, the trigger guard (wall clamp) secured the handle to the body and added a "fuller" look to the actual gun. I really like the way it turned out, needless to say.
And on the opposite side, I just have a few screws tacked on their for some nice, pretty decorations for your deadly intergalactic raygun. A simple, yet industrial touch.

You can find this gun on my Etsy. And now for a separate, smaller project that I am working on right now. A few artists, such as Dan Jones with Tinkerbots and Andy Hill with Electro Artworks, make rayguns and robots. Due to the generosity of Gloria Burson of A Modern Glo, I have some pieces to make a bot of my own. Just a start, but I am excited to see the way it turns out!

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  1. Hey Gavin ~ I think your blog design is awesome! I love your post on ray guns and am excited that you are adding bots to your list of artistic creations! Can't wait to read more about what you are doing!