Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oscillating Raygun

This raygun has a very special place in my heart. This is the first raygun that actually has moving parts. It looks awesome in action and is just flat out fun to play with.
The body was salvaged from an old carpet cleaner that I found on the side of the road. The only other part of the gun that I know the origins from would be the extra barrel on the top. In a box of junk, I found multiple torch heads, and I found it appropriate to place it there!
I thought that the gun was lacking a little bit in body. From past guns, like the Electro Raygun, I know that adding a coiled wire gives it a more full appeal. Just the right touch!
Also, I found out today that the Dallas Morning News is wanting to do a piece on my rayguns! I will keep you guys updated on that whenever the interview is conducted.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Video about Rayguns!

Hey everyone. Thanks to Wren Culp and Casey Klinger, there is a new promotional video about my rayguns! It turned out really well and they did a fantastic editing job. It is really cool to see my pasion for this art show up in this video. I hope you guys enjoy this video.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Posts and Goggles

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being here and looking at my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate every single one of you and it makes me so happy you all enjoy my art. I am just letting all of you know that my posts are now going to be once every two weeks. I am doing this because it takes quite a while to make the guns and I need time to do so. I hope that you guys will still view it whenever I post! Thanks for taking the time. Now, here are my Steampunk goggles!Just a little set I designed. It was a spur of the moment but I am happy with the way it turned out. This is the raygun from one of my previous posts. But this is my first post about something that isn't a ragun. I finally gave in and made myself some steampunk goggles!
The lenses are made of wall storage magnets. Similar to these!
In order to add some better steampunk colors, I added brass pins. And the eye fittings are made of scrap leather that I used for a sheath for a knife. The pins are more decorative than anything else.
I love the "cracks" that are on the lenses. They are actually just scratches that were made when my drill slipped on a hole I was making. It turned out to add the perfect touch!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delayed Raygun

Hello everyone! Honestly, the reason why my posts are becoming so much farther apart is because: 1. I had a stash of rayguns to make posts of when I started this blog 2. It takes time to start and finish a gun and 3. I have made so many recently, that I just took a break and decided to start my next one when it was time. Fortunately, this one took me a total of only 2 consecutive hours to start and finish! Here is the latest and greatest Behemoth Incorporated raygun!
I have noticed that some of my recent guns have been coming out heavily on the steampunk side. Brasses and coppers and stained woods as well really make it into a steampunk gun.
I added the wire for an "electric" touch. WARNING: Do not touch, you will wake up from a coma 2 weeks later. I suppose this is a flaw in the gun's design...oh well!
A good angle of the barrel. I try as much as I can to make the barrel my own, but sometimes, the candle holders are so beautifully formed that I must use it. My only other raygun that has this type of barrel is my first one.
And finally, the best piece of the raygun, I think, is on the top. I have no idea what this component is...all I do know is that it came from a circuitry board from an old TV. It is an awesome touch that also adds to the "electric feel." If you are thinking of MGMT when you heard that, then I already have the --> link <-- here. Keep your guns set on high and your heads down low!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee Grinder Gun

Now, this raygun was extremely fun and easy to make. It turned out crazy awesome and is probably the smallest gun I have come out with. The natural colors of the metal is beautiful as well. Very steampunk.
I love, love, LOVE the barrel. The perforations replicate a cooling system of an Machine Gun so well. And the rusted parts look like actual burnt marks.
While you are charging up to obliterate a martian, you can fix yourself a nice cup-o-jo. Probably my favorite part of the actual gun. It really adds to it in character where it lacks in size.
And finally, the end of the barrel was an awesome find that I got in the Canton flea market. It is not welded on at all. It fitted so extremely snugly that there was no reason to add on to it. Everyone loves coffee and everyone loves rayguns. How could you go wrong with Behemoth Incorporated's newest raygun?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Rayguns Caught Up to Me

I have not posted in over a week and I am so sorry about that. I could compile a list of excuses, or I could not and go on with the post. Before I do so, I want to say that I have three W.I.P. rayguns at the moment and you shall all be updated on them soon. So since I do not have anything to show off at the moment, I decided I was going to do a promotional post, about a man named Professor Von No O. He is not only a genius with raygun weaponry, but has a name that is impossible to pronounce, and here are his guns!
I love the way this one looks like a revolver. If there was a space cowboy (to much of my dismay, there is not) he would be carrying one of these bad boys.
The way that he used two vacuum tubes and the multiple wires gives it a more Man's Man gun kinda look.
This one is my personal favorite from what I have seen. The swirls are awesome, and I am such a sucker for raygun fins.
The petiteness of this gun, along with the giant vacuum tube reminds me of the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black, for some reason. Anyway, still an awesome piece. As you can see, this man is a very talented person for being able to forge and carve every single one of these things out from scratch. That deserves some sort of applause! These are all available on his Etsy. Buy one now!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rea-gan's Ray-gun

So on October 17, it was my brother's birthday. Coincidentally, his name is Reagan. Even more coincidentally, he wanted a raygun for his birthday. So without further adieu, Reagan's raygun...
Of all the guns that I have made, this one is the most steampunk-ish, I would say. I really enjoy the black vent on the very back and the "angel wings" on the barrel of the gun. This was actually a really easy and very cooperative build.
The gauge was found as is, and it is beautiful. Not only is it awesome because it is vintage, but also because there is no writing or anything on the face to indicate that it is not a Behemoth Inc. raygun peice.
Like I mentioned, the vent on the back is an awesome aesthetic to the rest of the gun. An overheated gun in the hand is worth zero in the bush. Plus, it hides some of the rods and screws on the inside. Double points!
And then, the barrel. I added the "emitter rings" on it because it worked so well one of my guns that I have sold. The "angel wings" on the end also add a cool, emitter effect to it. All in all, one of my favorite guns. And it is all for my brother, Reagan. Check out his blog at Running Through The Fire.