Friday, September 30, 2011

Newest Gun

Each individual gun has its own personality. In order to give an accurate representation of each gun, I have to go into detail. So here I go again on the latest and greatest Behemoth Incorporated raygun. I see it to be a space pirate's pistol or something of that sort.
When I go searching for raygun parts, I always search for three main components. There is the body, the barrel, and the handle. I never go into a new project with a structure in mind. If I did, I would be limiting myself to something that I don't have and could easily pass up on a truly remarkable piece. In this gun, the body is made of something like a vegetable strainer/steamer. The barrel was a candle stick holder and the handle was an oil spout. What I really enjoyed, however, was the fuel gauge that I converted over to a Behemoth Inc. gauge. It is a bit similar to the one in my last post. As you can see, safe is "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT." Caution is "HOLD YOUR HORSE'S." And danger is "CALL MOM."
I had some trouble with the handle at the beginning. I had to hack saw a few things off in order for it to look nice and slender. Unfortunately, I ended up with a gaping hole at the front of the handle, so I had to cover it up some how. As you can see, I used some sort of plumbing nozzle to cover it up. I had to do some minor tweaking in order for it to fit well, which it did. 

Lastly, the barrel. Like I said, it is from a candle stick holder which I found at a thrift store. The repeating rings give it a nice touch, I think. If you had no barrel, there would be no death! The whole gun is held together by a threaded rod. 
The perforated end of the body has a nice retro touch. I don't have this one for sale yet, but you can still check out my Etsy. Thanks for viewing!


  1. Another great ray gun Gavin! I particularly love the gauge! I love your writing as well!

  2. Gavin, I hate to break it to you, but I AM the BEHEMOTH!!! and I may have to take over your blogsite~!