Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee Grinder Gun

Now, this raygun was extremely fun and easy to make. It turned out crazy awesome and is probably the smallest gun I have come out with. The natural colors of the metal is beautiful as well. Very steampunk.
I love, love, LOVE the barrel. The perforations replicate a cooling system of an Machine Gun so well. And the rusted parts look like actual burnt marks.
While you are charging up to obliterate a martian, you can fix yourself a nice cup-o-jo. Probably my favorite part of the actual gun. It really adds to it in character where it lacks in size.
And finally, the end of the barrel was an awesome find that I got in the Canton flea market. It is not welded on at all. It fitted so extremely snugly that there was no reason to add on to it. Everyone loves coffee and everyone loves rayguns. How could you go wrong with Behemoth Incorporated's newest raygun?

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