Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delayed Raygun

Hello everyone! Honestly, the reason why my posts are becoming so much farther apart is because: 1. I had a stash of rayguns to make posts of when I started this blog 2. It takes time to start and finish a gun and 3. I have made so many recently, that I just took a break and decided to start my next one when it was time. Fortunately, this one took me a total of only 2 consecutive hours to start and finish! Here is the latest and greatest Behemoth Incorporated raygun!
I have noticed that some of my recent guns have been coming out heavily on the steampunk side. Brasses and coppers and stained woods as well really make it into a steampunk gun.
I added the wire for an "electric" touch. WARNING: Do not touch, you will wake up from a coma 2 weeks later. I suppose this is a flaw in the gun's design...oh well!
A good angle of the barrel. I try as much as I can to make the barrel my own, but sometimes, the candle holders are so beautifully formed that I must use it. My only other raygun that has this type of barrel is my first one.
And finally, the best piece of the raygun, I think, is on the top. I have no idea what this component is...all I do know is that it came from a circuitry board from an old TV. It is an awesome touch that also adds to the "electric feel." If you are thinking of MGMT when you heard that, then I already have the --> link <-- here. Keep your guns set on high and your heads down low!

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  1. That piece on the top looks is a simple heat sink.