Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Rayguns Caught Up to Me

I have not posted in over a week and I am so sorry about that. I could compile a list of excuses, or I could not and go on with the post. Before I do so, I want to say that I have three W.I.P. rayguns at the moment and you shall all be updated on them soon. So since I do not have anything to show off at the moment, I decided I was going to do a promotional post, about a man named Professor Von No O. He is not only a genius with raygun weaponry, but has a name that is impossible to pronounce, and here are his guns!
I love the way this one looks like a revolver. If there was a space cowboy (to much of my dismay, there is not) he would be carrying one of these bad boys.
The way that he used two vacuum tubes and the multiple wires gives it a more Man's Man gun kinda look.
This one is my personal favorite from what I have seen. The swirls are awesome, and I am such a sucker for raygun fins.
The petiteness of this gun, along with the giant vacuum tube reminds me of the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black, for some reason. Anyway, still an awesome piece. As you can see, this man is a very talented person for being able to forge and carve every single one of these things out from scratch. That deserves some sort of applause! These are all available on his Etsy. Buy one now!

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