Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rea-gan's Ray-gun

So on October 17, it was my brother's birthday. Coincidentally, his name is Reagan. Even more coincidentally, he wanted a raygun for his birthday. So without further adieu, Reagan's raygun...
Of all the guns that I have made, this one is the most steampunk-ish, I would say. I really enjoy the black vent on the very back and the "angel wings" on the barrel of the gun. This was actually a really easy and very cooperative build.
The gauge was found as is, and it is beautiful. Not only is it awesome because it is vintage, but also because there is no writing or anything on the face to indicate that it is not a Behemoth Inc. raygun peice.
Like I mentioned, the vent on the back is an awesome aesthetic to the rest of the gun. An overheated gun in the hand is worth zero in the bush. Plus, it hides some of the rods and screws on the inside. Double points!
And then, the barrel. I added the "emitter rings" on it because it worked so well one of my guns that I have sold. The "angel wings" on the end also add a cool, emitter effect to it. All in all, one of my favorite guns. And it is all for my brother, Reagan. Check out his blog at Running Through The Fire.

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